Healthcare campuses are unique in that they are the most frequently modified of any type of facility. Engineering these projects requires a depth of experience to understand each facility's issues and then design systems that respond to those issues while providing flexibility and expandability for future changes or additions.

A detailed understanding of processes, technology, and building codes enables YKM to provide successful design solutions for health care projects. Healthcare projects have extensive requirements for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. To effectively integrate these requirements, we communicate with Owners and other consultants, often under challenging conditions, to produce successful designs for the health care market.

YKM has extensive experience meeting the demanding HVAC requirements that are unique to the healthcare industry. These needs include isolation, containment, infection control and life safety for multiple occupancies. Our expertise also includes extensive back-up power systems and a wide range of low-voltage systems such as paging, infant abduction and patient wandering systems. We have the expertise to integrate these systems and other low voltage systems into a common user interface.

Healthcare Projects

  • Ochsner Baptist Pharmacy/Laboratory
  • Ochsner Benson Cancer Center
  • Ochsner Westbank Emergency Department Expansion
  • Ochsner Main Campus Endoscopy Relocation
  • Ochsner Main Campus Pediatrics intensive Care Unit
  • Ochsner Main Campus Critical Care Tower Expansion
  • Ochsner Northshore Compounding Pharmacy addition
  • Ochsner Main Campus Compounding Pharmacy addition
  • Ochsner Baton Rouge Intensive Care Unit Addition
  • East Jefferson General Hospital Electrical
  • Ochsner St  Anne Surgical HVAC Modifications
  • Ochsner Baptist Womens Pavillion and NICU Relocation
  • Ochsner Main Campus Queensland Research Center
  • Ochsner Baptist Central Sterile Addition
  • Ochsner Main Campus MRI Addition
  • Peoples Health Clinic Baton Rouge
  • Ochsner Main Campus Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • Ochsner Main Campus Heart and Vascular Institute Addition
  • Houma Boulevard Surgery Center
  • Ochsner WestBank CT-Nuclear Medicine Addition
  • Ochsner Main Campus Bone Marrow Unit Addition
  • Ochsner Slidell Infusion Clinic
  • Ochsner Elmwood Sports Medicine Complex
  • Ochsner Main Campus Transplant Clinic
  • Ochsner Baton Rouge LDR Addition
  • Ochsner Main Campus NICU Renovation
  • South Lake Surgery Center Laplace